Saturday, October 16, 2010

when i first cry..................

I really like the domestic animals such as cats, rabbits, geese, chickens, horses, and birds. Pets can be carried anywhere alone, it can also brighten up our lives if alone. I was never a pet, it is a cat. My cat was given the name si comel, it was purchased by my father during my birthday
Si comel love to eat grilled fish with baked by me. si comel has white fur color and black spotted. si comel always make me laugh with the adorable action when playing with me. I really love the si comel. Usually before I go to school si comel will be brushing the body scrub on my feet. It marked a signal that I care to school. When I came home from school si comel to me at the door waiting to welcome home.
I really love the si comel. I always wash si comel for it to look cute, clean and healthy. I also taught him how to discipline and remove the feces everywhere, except in places specially provided for him. si comel is very smart and follow the instructions given by me to him.
One day, I was very sad because I was ostracized by my friends at school. They said I was crazy and making friends and talking to animals. But with the emergence of si comel by my side I started to forget about the sorrow I feel today.
One day my school was holding a camp in a forest reserve by the travel club. Since I was one of my travel club members had to go to camp. If according to my heart I do not want to go out there and leave the si comel. But what can i do for me to change all that.
si comel action little strange in a few days since he knew that I would go left and go into the camp. For example, si comel eat a little food, at night he would sleep beside me. It very strange to me but it was all just my feelings alone. Possible to si comel want to let her me before I go left.
In the morning I get ready to proceed to the camp. Before leaving I was hugging and kissing my cute cat but still si comel sleep. I do not want it wake up from sleep. Then I went to leave it alone in my room.
During a camping trip to me, I got a call from my mother. My mother told mummy was gone and no longer breathing. Tears began to fall. I was very sad, his death gave me a million surprises. But I had to be strong my heart, so si comel to go there in peace. Now just a picture just makes me smile wide. Memories of me I will not forget.